/Screen Printing

Artistic Invasion’s most popular decoration method for your custom t-shirts & apparel.

Your Screen Printed product will receive a unique, high quality, durable imprint.  Screen printing is capable of holding high detail images.

Screen Printing is our main service and is where we started.  We are happy to print your team shirts of 12 or hundreds of shirts for your business.

We understand that your logo and brand are very important and we strive to produce a high quality item that will represent your company well. Screen Printing is the perfect solution for your upcoming trade show, sports event, staff apparel, sales initiative or anytime you would like to get noticed.

Screen Printing Pricing Factors:

Pricing for screen printing depends on 5 key factors:

  • Quantity of shirts – the best pricing starts at 12 quantity, but the more you order, the better your price per shirt will be.
  • Brand, style, and color of shirts selected – the quality in the item you choose will affect your pricing.
  • Amount of colors in artwork – if you are on a budget, we would suggest doing 1 color printing, or as few colors as possible to save money.
  • The Number of print locations (Front, back, sleeve, tag…) – Adding more placements does increase the price.
  • Order timeline– We offers a variety of rush service options to meet your deadlines, however, these orders may be more expensive than ones that can be completed in our normal turn-around time.

We currently offers a low 12 piece minimum on screen printing orders.

Screen Printing Ink Colors:

Plastisol inks are PVC-based and produce a vibrant, durable print on any material.  This ink can be thicker, in order to produce a very opaque print, but offers superior color matching and specialty ink options.

We can print up to 6 spot colors and pantone match colors when necessary.

Screen Printing Print Locations:

Left / Right Chest, Sleeve, Pant Leg, Full Front, Full Back

Customer Provided Goods

Artistic Invasion allows for the provision of providing embellishment services on Customer Provided Item(s). Items include but are not limited to: Garments, Fabrics, and other Substrates deemed appropriate by our customers for embellishment. Embellishments include but are not limited to: Screen Printing, Embroidery, Sublimation, Digital Printing. When Artistic Invasion is not the provider of the item(s) being embellished, we DO NOT guarantee the quality of the work or that items will remain undamaged and/or destroyed during the embellishment process.

Please understand that each fabric/item/garment/substrate is unique and practices used to embellish these items require but are not limited to: Industrial machinery, inks, chemicals, pressure, heat, needles that react differently to/on each item. When Artistic Invasion provides the items being embellished, we do guarantee the outcome of your project. For more information see our Customer Provided Goods Waiver.